Just like your body requires to repair and maintenance so does your teeth. Missing teeth is a common concern among many. The cause of tooth loss roots down to several reasons such as improper oral hygiene, external factors such as an accident that resulted in breakage or fracture, or internal tooth decay. It is now possible to replace missing teeth structures with dental implants.

Dental Implants

Implants are synthetic tooth roots designed in the shape of posts. They can be surgically placed or embedded inside your jawbone in place of the missing tooth. The root of the implant is generally made of Titanium, a non-irritant and non-toxic metal that'd serve well as artificial, durable roots. Your artificial teeth will be placed over these roots. They are mostly dental crowns designed and manufactured to look more like natural teeth. 

Ideal Candidate

Your dentist will evaluate your oral cavity to decide whether you're the appropriate candidate for implants. Placing dental implants would require that the patient has healthy gums and a strong jawbone. Patients who are sufferers of bone deterioration would be advised a bone grafting procedure before preparing the mouth for implants.

Types of Implants

Based on the nature of tooth loss, the dentist can carefully decide what kind of implant would suit you. In case the patient suffers from a single missing tooth, a single implant and a single restoration can do the trick. If the patient suffers from several missing teeth, more than one implant can replace them. Teeth missing from an entire arch of the jawbone can be strategically replaced with the help of overdentures.

Implants Vs. Conventional teeth replacement methods

Longevity is an integral requirement for any tooth replacement strategy. Conventional ways of doing the same are either less durable or removable. This can inhibit patients from enjoying their food or even speaking with confidence. With implants, the case is different. Implants offer extreme durability, strength, and structural support. Placing artificial teeth restoration gets much more comfortable with a stable base and rooted implants to hold them in place. These are the factors why implants can last a lifetime while conventional methods may not.

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