Tooth extractions are common dental procedures performed at Littleton Family Dental in Littleton, Colorado. While extraction is typically a last resort, it becomes necessary in cases of severe decay, infection or overcrowding.

When Extractions Are Necessary

Decay, infection or trauma can compromise a tooth’s health. In such cases, Dr. Anne Casson may recommend extraction to prevent the spread of infection and protect surrounding teeth.

Types of Extractions

Simple extractions involve removing visible teeth, while surgical extractions may be needed for impacted or broken teeth. Our dentist and team will determine the most suitable method based on your specific case.

Preparation and Procedure

Before the extraction, Dr. Casson will discuss the procedure, address any concerns and ensure your comfort. Local anesthesia is typically used, and the extraction process is generally quick and relatively painless.

Post-Extraction Care

Following extraction, proper care is crucial for a smooth recovery. We will provide instructions on managing pain, swelling and maintaining oral hygiene to promote healing.

Replacing Extracted Teeth

In some cases, replacing an extracted tooth may be necessary to preserve proper oral function and aesthetics. Dr. Casson will discuss suitable replacement options, such as dental implants or bridges.

Schedule With Us

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